Ryoma Sakamoto

Do you know Ryoma Sakamoto?
He is Japanese hero. He transformed traditional Japan into contemporary Japan.
If he had not been born, Japan would have been a colony.

He was born in Kochi in 1836.
I was born in Kochi too.
So I proud of him.

This is KATSURA HAMA in Kochi.
He loved this beach.
There is the statue of Ryoma there.

This figure of Ryoma is made of coral.
It is very beautiful.

His one of words of wisdom is "Clean up Japan once and for all."

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  1. I saw the 48 episode TV series, Ryomaden and was
    so impressed by the story, that I wrote about it.

    Themes In The Fabulous Japanese TV Series, Ryomaden

    The Ryomaden series really made me think.
    My post is a few of my thoughts.