Tram in Kochi

Since today until Jan. 3, I go to Kochi for homecoming visit.
A tram in Kochi is the longest distance and history in Japan.


McDonald's Food Strap

You can get a McDonald's Food Strap when you order Value Set LL.

I can get Hashed Potato Strap.

We can use an outlet at nearby store.
It's very convenience.


Camera Girl

I wonder if a girl looks good with a camera.

The camera is not a compact one, but a big one like a single-lends reflex camera.

Oops, lens cover is...

In Japan, people cleans their hands with a ladle of water at shrines.

Do you have a camera?


Xmas Chicken

In Japan, many people stand in line to eat chicken in Christmas.
To eat chicken is Christmas festivity.

I wonder if you feel odd.
What do you eat in your country in Christmas?

Santa Santa Santa

I hope Santa brought you something good!


Merry Xmas

In Sendai.

In Omotesando.

In Roppongi.

Wishing you peace and happiness a Christmas.


Roppongi Hills Christmas Market 2010

An event named Roppongi Hills Christmas Market 2010 has been held.

In this event, you can buy general merchandises made in Germany and eat German foods.

You will feel like you visit Germany.

This event has been held until Dec. 25, 2010.
Oh! Hurry up!


Sendai Pageant Of Starlight

Sendai Pageant Of Starlight is an event held in Sendai, Miyagi every year.
Many zelkova trees which there are in Sendai have brightened up since Dec. 3 until Dec. 31 in this year.
They are fascinating.


Sushi No Midori

I ate Sushi at a sushi bar,Sushi No Midori in Kichijoji sometimes.

There are California rolls.
I ate it for the first time in my life.

There are Norwegian rolls.

There are very delicious!!

Sushi No Midori is chain of sushi bars which Tokyo has.
Please visit it now.



I think Kyoto Station is the most beautiful station in Japan.
Its shape is like a ark.
Please tell me other beautiful stations.



Welcome to Akiba (Akihabara).

Akihabara is world famous major shopping area for electronical appliance and anime.

This is the AKB48 Theater.
AKB48 is most popular idol group in Japan now.

Maids were handing out leaflets of their cafes.
I have never gone to a maid cafe.
I want to try to go there someday.

By the way, I like KFC.
I want to eat a KFC's chicken in Xmas.


Japanese high school girl

I think that Japanese high school girl is beautiful.
You think so, don't you?

In Shimokitazawa.

Sorry Station

There is Gomen Station in Kochi.
The station is on the Dosan Line of JR Shikoku and the Gomen Nahari Line (Asa Line) of Tosa Kuroshio Railway.

He is a character of this station.
His name is Gomen-Ekio-Kun.

This is the song of the station.
ごめん(Gomen) in Japanese means "Sorry" in English.
There is much apologizing.

And this character is Ampan-Man (Red Bean Bread Man).
He is famous hero in Japan.

Near the station, there is Dokin-chan.
She is a friend of Ampan-Man.

Each station has each character.

This is Ampan-Man Train.
Ampan-man was born in Kochi.