Naoshima Island

Last summer I visited Naoshima Island.

This island is located in Kagawa prefecture.

Those who live in Naoshima Island love art.

And those who love art visit this island from all over the world.


There are some cafes in this island.
Please enjoy art and awesome nature.



Popular male idol group SMAP will release a charity album called “SMAP AID” on Aug 17.


Pray for Japan

There are many information about the earthquake and action for us to do now.
But it is very hard for us to tell true from false.
And individual power is so weak that there are few things we can do.

I can only pray for Japan.
Please pray for Japan.


Hino City

I live in Hino city.
Hino locates between Tachikawa and Hachioji.
As Hino is boring for me, I go to Tachikawa or Hachioji on weekend.

The building having red roof is Hino station.
Taiyaki (fish-shaped cake filled with red bean paste) sold at Hino station is very delicious!



I bought iPhone two weeks ago and downloaded many photo apps.
My favorite app is moreMono, which converts photos to monotone except red. 

Please recommend photo apps for me.


Kompirasan Shrine feat. Miffy

Kompirasan Shrine is collaborating with Miffy.
Collaborating between a shrine and Miffy is the world's first event.

Kompirasan Shrine located upside of mountain in Kagawa pref.
If you visit there, You have to climb 1368 stone steps.
There is no train, no cable car, and no escalator.

You can look around Kotohira town from Kompira Shrine.

This is pictorial offerings featuring Miffy, which is compact size.

While, this is very big size.


Cosmo World in Minatomirai

There is an amusement park named Cosmo World in Minatomirai, Kanagawa pref.
Cosmo World has the Ferris wheel named Cosmo Clock 21.
You can look over Yokohama there.


Roppongi Hills Girl

We met on Twitter.
She and her ring were very cute.
The shape of hher ring is rabbit, which is Oriental Zodiac in this year.

We visited the observatory of Mori Tower at Roppongi Hills.

We can see Tokyo Tower there.

Can you see Tokyo Tower?