Asakusa is fascinating and popular among foreign people.

This is Kaminari-Mon (Gate of Thunder?) which is symbol of Asakusa.
Everybody takes a picture in front of there.

Good smile. She responded to foreigner's cheer.
She was popular at this time because she was so cute and it was rare to see a girl wearing Kimono.

The thing which she has is Omikuji (paper fortune).

We draw it and tie it to a branch or a bar and so on.

The thing which she has is Bangasa (coarse oilpaper umbrella).
Nowadays nobody uses Bangasa.

There are many traditional shops in Asakusa.
You can enjoy traditional Japan.

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  1. Oh yes, I think it would be very good to the tourists to see a cute girl in Kimono at Asakusa. I would be happy too!

    The photos are very lovely, she looks great in that color kimono^^

  2. To Sara Mari:
    Thank you for your kind comment!
    It is the first comment on my blog.
    I want to see you wearing a Kimono someday.

  3. The last photo is especially great. The composition, with a sharp focus on her face, the shallow depth of field is lovely.

  4. To Mike Wood:
    Thank you very mach.
    I saw your blog and subscribed to it.
    I am fascinated by your photos.